If Cyber Security is knew to your business, it can be overwhelming and confusing where to start. This is where Cloud First Networks can help.

With over 10 years experience in both IT and Cyber Security, Cloud First can lead you to take initial steps to protecting your business and ultimately your data. Our aim to implement threat prevention strategies and reduce risk that small businesses are vulnerable to.

Cyber Security for SME’s is feasible and affordable to deliver simple and practical solutions to defend businesses to the latest threats.

  • Data Loss Prevention

    Protect your business data but implementing Backup and Disaster Recovery services.

  • Assess Business Risk

    Our team will work with you to address areas of risk in your business and a strategy to increase your business security posture.

  • Simple and Understandable

    Cyber Security is a complex area of IT. Our  security solutions are designed for SME’s without impeding on your business operations.

  • Affordable Security

    Security solutions can be expensive for all enterprises. Our security packages are tailored for SME’s to be able to afford an effective Cyber Security posture.

  • Sleep Easy

    Cyber Security is a worry for business owners which is why Cloud First Networks has options to offer businesses who want to further increase their attack resilience 24/7.


Cost to Business in the UK each year


of SME's experience a Ransomware Attack


Average cost to an SME after a Cyber Attack


Cyber Crimes recorded in Scotland 2021-22


Cyber Attack increase since last year

Our Managed IT services will help you succeed. Let’s get started



  • Endpoint Protection

    Managed Antivirus or better, Endpoint Detection & Response is the best effective way to protect your workstations.

  • Email Filter

    Protect your staff from phishing, spoofing and other malicious attempts to compromise your IT system.

  • Cloud Backup

    An effective Backup solution is the first step in implementing a security strategy. Power of the cloud makes this simple and cost effective.

  • Web Filtering

    The internet can be a dangerous place. Protect your staff from the bad areas by filtering the internet traffic coming through your business.

  • Password Manager

    A simple password manager to take care of your accounts so you don’t have to, will reduce risk of lateral account compromise on the dark web.

  • Multifactor Authentication

    MFA or 2FA, is the easiest and cheapest way to reducing the attack surface of your business by protecting your IT identities from compromise.

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